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Children and young people profiles

Below are real profiles of some of the children and young people across Northern Ireland currently in need of a safe, and loving foster home. This page is updated regularly so please check back.

If you think you could offer a positive and nurturing environment and make a difference to a child in need, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

*Please note, names have been changed and stock images used to protect children’s identities.

  • Ryan (6), South Eastern area

    young boy on bike outsideRyan* is six years old with brown hair and bright blue eyes. He has a great sense of humour and is a sociable little boy who is effortlessly stylish!

    Ryan enjoys the outdoors, riding his bike and scooter, as well as activities such as swimming and gymnastics and definitely has a natural ability for sports. He also loves music and has expressed an interest in playing an instrument. Ryan loves animals too and is learning to horse-ride.

    Everyone that knows Ryan, whether involved in his care or his teachers, are all very fond of him and want him to have a long-term foster home where he can feel happy, safe and cared for.

    Ryan’s early life experiences have been difficult for him and he is still learning to understand his emotions and form trusting adult relationships. He needs to live with two foster carers, ideally within the South Eastern area, who can confidently support him with his emotions and take a therapeutic approach to his care. Training and support will be provided to help Ryan’s foster carers meet all of his needs. Ryan would be best placed in a home where he is the only young child.

    The stability of a long-term foster home would benefit Ryan in all areas of his life by offering him a safe and loving home without worrying about any more moves. Ryan has built positive relationships with his current carers, however his living arrangements are only temporary so a more permanent plan for his care is needed.

    Ryan has four siblings whom he sees regularly and they are important to him. Ryan will continue to have family time, supported by social services.

    Financial remuneration available in addition to fostering allowances.

    Contact us to register your interest or find out more.

  • Alyan (9) & Kamil (7) - siblings, South Eastern area

    Alyan* and Kamil* are two Irish/Pakistani brothers who urgently need a foster home. They have been in foster care for two and a half years. They were placed on a short-term emergency placement in residential care whilst a foster placement was sought and continue to reside in residential care.

    Alyan (9)

    Alyan is a kind and sensitive boy who has a diagnosis of severe learning disability and Autism. He uses vocalization, pointing and leading adults to communicate what he wants. He is a very sensory seeking young boy and will seek out objects with rough, scrunch textures.

    Alyan enjoys being on his own and will seek out areas where he is able to have his own space and time. When he wishes to, he will readily approach staff for comfort and enjoys receiving and giving hugs. He will climb up on the lap of staff members and cuddle in.

    Alyan loves being outside on the trampoline or taking off his socks and shoes to feel the grass beneath his feet or splashing in puddles.

    Alyan benefits from routine and structure. He can become frustrated and, at times, will hit out. When he becomes upset he can be calmed with soothing rubs to his arms and legs.

    Kamil (7)

    Since coming in to care Kamil has made brilliant progress in regards to his overall abilities. He has been diagnosed with not having a learning disability, however, remains below average in regards to his learning, speech and understanding. It is anticipated that with continued nurturing his progress will continue and he will meet his full potential. His Statement of Educational Needs is currently being reviewed.

    Kamil has a brilliant smile that lights up his eyes; he is a very busy, inquisitive and happy young boy, who has a good sense of self and of his likes and dislikes. He enjoys spending time with staff and other young people taking part in fun activities. He enjoys shopping, playing games and reading books. He is curious about everything and has a great imagination.

    The stimulation and encouragement that Kamil has received in placement has seen him progressing in behaviour, speech, confidence and independence.

    Kamil may need you to spot when he is becoming too excited or frustrated. He loves positive praise. He needs help to assess common dangers. He can risk assess but can also get caught up in the moment and may run toward something he wants or run thinking you are going to chase him. He has responded well to a calm approach and has learned better ways to communicate.

    Given their bond as brothers we really want to keep Alyan and Kamil together. Ideally they would be best suited to having separate bedrooms as their needs are very different, but sharing a bedroom can be explored.

    Alyan and Kamil would be best suited to a two adult household. It is also preferable that any birth children at home are over the age of 11. There is an expectation that one foster carer would be at home and in recognition of this a professional fee is applicable for each child as well as monthly fostering allowances, access to a comprehensive range of training to equip you for your role (both pre and post-approval), and 24-hour social work support.

    Are you interested in offering Alyan and Kamil a forever home?

    Contact us to register your interest or find out more.

    *Names changed and stock image used to protect children’s identities.

  • Daisy (9) - Belfast area

    Daisy* is a loveable and energetic nine year-old girl who has long brown hair, blue/green coloured eyes and is of a good build. Daisy loves physical activities like dancing and showing her gymnastic moves. She loves going to the park and will frequently ask her adults to bring her.

    Daisy is a healthy child, she is not on any medication and does not need to visit the doctor regularly. Daisy wears glasses and can lose them frequently. She requires encouragement to keep them safe.

    Daisy has a great appetite and loves a variety of dinners. She loves eating watermelon. Daisy has a great sleep routine and will sleep well at night. She likes to use her night light. At night time she likes a hand and foot massage, along with a bedtime story. Daisy uses child’s farm products as her skin is quite sensitive.

    Daisy is registered with the dentist and following a recent appointment, requires several teeth removed. She remains on a waiting list for this.

    Daisy loves watching Bluey on TV. She loves role playing with her dolls and also playing with make-up. Daisy really loves Stitch and has a lot of Stitch toys and clothing. Daisy really loves singing along to any of the pop songs in the charts.

    There are no issues with Daisy’s ability to communicate and she is a little chatterbox. Daisy is a very happy little girl who loves being around adults. Daisy thrives on adult attention. She can sometimes get over-excited and boisterous when playing with others, but is easily diverted and will do what is asked of her.

    Daisy attends mainstream school and her teachers are very nurturing and supportive. Daisy is noted to have to work to be motivated at school and works within the bottom ability group, across all areas. She receives support from the Outreach Service twice per week.

    Daisy is the youngest of four children, who are all in foster care. Daisy will meet with her mum and sister fortnightly and will meet up with her three siblings once per month. Daisy highlights her enjoyment and positivity with spending time with her birth family.

    Daisy has had lots of placement moves which have impacted upon her emotional wellbeing. Daisy needs a foster carer who will be committed to her, allowing her extra time to settle in and to feel safe.

    Daisy requires a foster carer who can show her lots of love and affection. She needs a carer who can provide a long-term home for her so that she can feel safe and have a sense of belonging as she grows up.

    Contact us to register your interest or find out more.

    *Name changed and stock image used to protect child’s identity.

  • Freddie (9) - Belfast area

    Freddie* is a loveable and funny nine year-old boy with brown hair and big brown eyes. He is a bubbly, happy and affectionate child. Freddie needs a long-term foster home where he can remain until he is 18.

    Freddie has a diagnosis of Autism and a severe learning disability. This means he needs to have plans for the day ahead in advance and given notice or preparation for any changes or new activities. Freddie loves routine – he has a set bedtime each night and usually gets up at a similar time each morning when he takes the same breakfast before he gets ready for school.

    Freddie attends a special school for children with learning difficulties. Freddie loves school. His reading and vocabulary are improving every week, and he has become better at communicating his needs. Freddie loves to play with other children, having experience of children of various ages through his current foster home. He can sometimes get over-excited and boisterous when playing with school friends; however, his teachers easily manage this behaviour.

    Due to his additional needs, Freddie does not anticipate danger as other children would, or does not always realise if he has hurt himself, as he may not react. This would require extra caution and care from any potential foster carer, similar to keeping a closer eye on a younger child when playing.

    Freddie loves to sing and will often burst into song. He is very interested in dinosaurs and can easily list different species. Freddie has many dinosaur toys and enjoys time by himself to play with them. Freddie loves taking part in activities with his foster family, but equally likes to have his own time/space in the home.

    Freddie spends time with his birth family each month, which includes an overnight stay. Family time is important to him and this arrangement will continue when Freddie moves to his new foster home. Ideally, Freddie would benefit from a two-adult household and he can be placed with other children.

    As Freddie’s foster carer(s) you will receive:

      • full training in all aspects of being a foster carer
      • specialist training in autism and other relevant areas to help understand Freddie’s specific needs so you are able to care for and support him as he gets older
      • fostering allowances plus an additional fee
      • advice and guidance from Freddie’s social worker and other professionals involved in his life
      • monthly contact from your foster carer supervising social worker, with more frequent communication if needed/required
      • out-of-hours support from the Regional Emergency Social Work Service (includes evenings, weekends, bank holidays)
      • membership of The Fostering Network to ensure you are protected, connected and supported in your role as a foster carer
      • opportunities to be part of foster carer support groups where you can meet with peers and share experiences.


    Contact us to register your interest or find out more.

    *Name changed and stock image used to protect child’s identity.

  • Charlie (6) - Belfast area

    Charlie* is a six year-old boy, who is tall for his age and is of slim build. He has curly, dark brown hair and big brown eyes. Charlie has a lovely big smile. He is a happy and loving little boy. Charlie is described as a pleasure to be around and is a very affectionate child, often seeking out his carer for hugs and affection.

    Charlie has a Statement of Special Educational Needs. He has a diagnosis of Autism. This means that he can take more time than other children his age to understand people around him and his environment. He has been living with his foster carer for a period of approximately 2 ½ years and in this time has made a lot of progress.

    Charlie does have clear speech and he speaks in short sentences. He has some understanding of what others say to him. Charlie will use his hands to gesture when he is talking or if he is excited. There are visual aids around the house that Charlie can point to if he is not able to verbally communicate something. These visuals have had a positive impact on Charlie managing transitions. Charlie is currently being toilet trained and this has been a longer process given his additional needs. Charlie was previously making good progress with this, however due to disruption from placement moves, this is taking a little longer.

    Charlie loves exploring and is always on the go. He can sometimes hurt himself, therefore supervision is important when caring for Charlie to make sure he does not fall or hurt himself.

    Charlie loves to be outdoors. He could spend all day playing in the park, running and he loves his scooter. Charlie attends a mainstream school with a unit where he is settled and doing well. There are therapeutic supports in place in school and he really reacts well to the structure of his day that is in place.

    Charlie loves reading books and he is a proficient reader. Charlie is very skilled and his reading is well advanced for his age. He also loves looking through brochures and catalogues. Charlie has a love for kitchen appliances. He can name brands and loves to learn about them. Some of Charlie’s other interests are Paw Patrol, Mario and space.

    Charlie benefits from having set routines and structure throughout the day such as getting ready in the morning and bed time. Charlie has a consistent bedtime routine, with a bath at 7.30pm followed by Charlie reading books before having a bedtime story. Charlie is very imaginative and leads the narrative. Charlie has been falling asleep between 8.00pm and 8.30pm then wakes between 6.00am and 06.30am. Charlie sometimes wakes up throughout the night however he will be back to sleep within seconds.

    Charlie eats small portions and although he eats a good range of foods, occasionally he can be very fussy and refuse meals. He is monitored by health professionals who are happy with his weight and development.

    Charlie has experienced a lot of trauma, loss and instability in his life and he struggles to make sense of it. Charlie responds very well to one to one attention from adults and when they take an interest in his life and hobbies.

    Charlie really needs a foster carer(s) who will give him plenty of love and affection. He needs a nurturing and safe environment where he can continue to flourish.

    Could you provide a foster home for Charlie?

    As Charlie’s foster carer you will receive social work support, along with a comprehensive training package and an annual fee provided monthly, alongside the additional fostering allowance to cover day-to-day expenses.

    Further support will be made available from other appropriate professionals to enable you to understand Charlie’s needs at different stages in his development.

    You will not be on your own.

    We will support you by:

    • Providing a named social worker who will be available to you
    • Out of hours social work services
    • Training to enable you to understand Charlie’s particular needs

    Contact us to register your interest or find out more.

    *Name changed and stock image used to protect child’s identity.