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Adopter profiles

parent with sonThe decision to become an adoptive parent is life changing. It is always helpful to hear from other people who have gone through the process and can explain what adoption has meant to them, the impact it has made on their lives and the challenges they faced.

We have included a few profiles of recent adopters  to give you a real-life personal insight into what adoption really involves.

  • Brian and Lynne

    We were like most adoptive parents initially seeking a younger child then we realised that we are slightly older and perhaps older children would be good for us. We were informed that if adopting siblings we would only be required to go through the process once and that was very encouraging. We knew we wanted a busy house as we both came from large families and adopting siblings was the right decision.

    We adopted a brother and sister aged 4 and 5 years and they were placed with us shortly after we had our application approved. They were great support for each other when they came to live with us. They just wanted to be loved and feel part of a home. We always say to them our house is the heart with great big arms around it no matter what happens.

  • Louise and Paul

    We always wanted to have two children. This didn’t happen naturally and our daughter Clare was born as a result of IVF treatment. We found out it was not possible for us to have any more children by this method. This was very disappointing at the time but we later realised we could apply to have a second child by adoption.

    Our son James was placed with us when he was four years old. We were all thrilled and more than a bit apprehensive, wondering how he would fit in to our family.

    Now, seeing his smiling face every day makes us realise that we have brightened up  his world and he has enriched ours.

  • Barry and Nicola

    We always wanted to have three children and when we realised that we could maybe have a third child through adoption we contacted our local Trust.

    Our son Ethan was placed with us at five years old.  We remember his little face when we first met him, he was so excited and so were we.  We were happy and anxious at the same time as we knew this was a lifelong commitment.  The support and post adoption support has been invaluable and together we are trying to give Ethan the best life chances.

    “When we knew mum and dad wanted to adopt we were excited and scared.  Now it feels like Ethan has always been with us, part of our family,” says Louise, Barry and Nicola’s eldest daughter.

  • Anne

    I am a single adopter and made the decision to adopt when I realised during National Adoption Week that I could still adopt even though I was single. I adopted Mia, my beautiful daughter when she was three and half years old. Introductions took place over a number of weeks and although this was emotionally and physically exhausting, it was the best time of my life and has continued to be.

    I have great support from friends and family and the post adoption support has been helpful especially with contact with Mia’s birth family. I have a wonderful daughter and I am so blessed to have her in my life.