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Could you provide a longer term home for David, 5?

11th November 2021

We are looking for a foster carer or foster carers who could offer David* a loving, safe and nurturing home on a longer term basis.

About David

David is five years of age and of medium build with beautiful dark hair. He is a bubbly little boy who has lots of energy and loves to be active. David is adventurous and really likes being outdoors. For example, he enjoyed time at the beach in his wetsuit during the summer. David can be over confident and chatty, even with new people.

David loves to play with Lego and board games. He is creative and likes making dens. Playing with sensory toys, such as water helps him regulate if he feels overwhelmed.

David can be a very affectionate child, who likes cuddles and cosy time with his favourite purple cuddle blanket.

David has struggled with the transition into primary school. He is currently being statemented by the Education Authority to see how his needs could be best met in school. David has been described as intelligent, however he requires ongoing support in the school environment to increase his hours at school as he is currently only able to attend for one hour a day.

David has been through a lot and has experienced significant instability in his short life and he struggles to make sense of this. Given his young age and his life experiences, David finds it hard to manage his feelings, emotions, and behaviour. David finds it difficult if an adult’s attention is divided between him and other children. Therefore, David would benefit from either being an only child in a family or if there are other children in the home, that they are older than him. David’s foster carer would need to be at home full time in order to meet his needs.

David responds well to adult attention when they take a genuine interest in his hobbies and offer him lots of praise. David requires set and predictable routines throughout his day and at bedtime and responds best to a well structured environment.

Supports offered

You will not be on your own when caring for David.

  • We will provide a named social worker who will be available to you
  • 24 social work support
  • Further support will be made available from other appropriate professionals to enable you to understand David’s needs at different stages in his development – this will include therapeutic support
  • Comprehensive training to enable you to understand David’s particular needs
  • A fee of £21,000 per annum (in addition to monthly fostering allowances to cover the costs of his day to day care)
  • A short break carer will be identified for David to support him and his foster carer.

Could you change David’s future?

If you feel you could be David’s foster carer or want more information to help you decide, please get in touch by calling us on 0800 0720 137 or fill out our online form. We would love to hear from you.

Virtual Information Session about David

We are also holding a virtual information session for anyone who is interested in finding out more about David. Give us a call on the number above or email your name and postcode to to register.

Date: Monday 22 November 2021 Time: 7.00pm – 8.00pm


*David’s name changed and stock image used to protect his identity