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Could you offer Joe*, age 4 a forever home?

7th February 2024

Joe* is a 4 year old boy. His foster carers describe him as bright, intelligent and inquisitive.  He loves his Kindle that he uses to watch nursery rhymes and songs. He loves music, singing and dancing. He got a guitar for Christmas and loves to play it and sing. He has also recently learned to ride a scooter and can ride a balance bike. He loves to look at his reflection in the mirror, playing in the ball pit at soft play and playing with his toy garage.

Joe loves playing with his toy cars and doing puzzles. He enjoys nothing more than going for a drive with his foster carers in the car to get an ice cream. Joe also enjoys going for walks on the beach.

Joe needs support in terms of his development as he is showing some signs of delay. He has made great progress with his current foster carers. Joe finds communicating verbally a challenge but he has his own little ways to communicate and he is making progress with this. We can hear Joe singing frequently, counting and vocalising the names of his foster family, his favourite foods and toys.

Joe has been referred to the Autism Service for assessment and is open to Community Paediatrics for support. He also attends Speech and Language therapy and has a one-to-one assistant at nursery.

Joe has also had a difficult start to his young life which means it can take him time to build relationships with those around him. When he does, Joe is very affectionate and loves cuddles from his foster carers. He also loves some rough and tumble play and to be tickled.  His foster carers talk so enthusiastically about Joe and his wonderful personality. They really want him to find his forever family and support him in this move as much as possible.

Since moving into Foster Care it is clear that with the love and security that he needs, Joe has the potential to thrive. Ideally, we are seeking an adoptive family from anywhere in Northern Ireland and for him to become part of his forever family soon. However, we are also interested in hearing from families who may be able to offer Joe a long-term foster home.

Joe would benefit from being the only child or the youngest child in his home, with a significant age gap to ensure he gets the time and attention he will need.

Joe’s new family will receive training, financial support, and ongoing professional support.


Watch Joe’s video here:

To hear more about Joe contact us: 0800 0720 137 or complete our short online enquiry form.

*Child’s name changed to protect his identity