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Could you foster Sam*?

21st May 2021

We are looking for a foster carer who could offer a loving, long term home for Sam* (11) within the Dungannon, Armagh, Craigavon, Banbridge or Newry & Mourne area.

About Sam*

Sam is a chatty and adventurous 11 year old boy who loves reading, building Lego, being around animals and playing outdoors.  He loves to learn and is described as being funny, kind and helpful.

Due to some difficult childhood experiences, Sam benefits from the security of having consistent routines and boundaries. He likes to pretend that he is brave but needs some support in understanding his feelings and emotions.

As Sam makes the transition into secondary school, it is his wish to find a home with foster carers who will offer him love, time and attention in the long term.

Sam is in Primary 7 and although he didn’t have the best start in his early education, he has made significant progress with the support of his foster carers and he is proud of his achievements. His teachers describe him as being a kind and helpful young boy who is eager to please and keen to learn. He loves to share his knowledge of various topics including the solar system.

Sam is content to relax with a book or build Lego structures however he is also someone who is full of adventure and never turns down a new opportunity. As well as appreciating fun times and making memories, Sam is not afraid of hard work and willingly helps out with caring for and feeding a variety of animals on the farm where he currently lives. He has displayed a great sense of responsibility and commitment and enjoys working alongside his carer within this role. Sam has developed a keen interest in horses and would like to try horse riding lessons in the future.

Sam is considered to be a chatty young boy who likes to be the centre of attention and who benefits from the reassurance of a consistent routine. This is understood within the context of his childhood experiences where he was exposed to significant neglect and poor parental health. Sam likes people to believe that he is brave.  He is able to articulate his thoughts and name his feelings however he needs help in understanding them and in developing positive ways of dealing with them.

Sam is self-aware and is mindful that moving to secondary school in September will bring more change as he establishes new friendship groups and adapts to a more varied timetable.  At this imperative stage in Sam’s life, he speaks of his wish to develop a sense of belonging and to be accepted within a family who will offer him love, time and attention in the long term.

Sam’s foster carers will receive a personalised support package with access to therapeutic support services, a financial fee and foster care allowances.

Call 0800 0720 137  or fill out our short online enquiry form and note you are interested in finding out more about Sam.

(please note: Sam’s name has been changed and stock image used to protect his identity)