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Could you foster Alyan*, 9 and Kamil*, 6 (siblings)?

7th September 2023

Could you foster Alyan & Kamil?

We are seeking a long-term foster home for two delightful brothers, Alyan*, 9 and Kamil*, 6 who are of Pakistani/Irish heritage. The boys have been in their current residential placement for 14 months where they have made excellent progress and are now ready to find a loving home until adulthood. The boys have experienced considerable instability and house moves in the past and have had a difficult start to life. We are looking for new foster carers from all walks of life and backgrounds and would particularly welcome interest from those in the Muslim community.

Alyan is a kind and sensitive child who is generally happy and settled. He loves the outdoors and going for walks where he can hear and feel the leaves rustle under his feet. He responds well to numerous sensory activities and these can help to calm and soothe him. Alyan has a diagnosis of severe learning disability and Autism. Whilst he has no speech he is able to make himself understood and will take your hand and point to things that he wants. Alyan enjoys watching cartoons or playing on the iPad. Alyan’s diet is quite limited and he has some trouble sleeping through the night.

Kamil has a brilliant smile that lights up his eyes and has really blossomed in his current placement. He is inquisitive and shows an interest in everything, wanting to experience all that he can. Kamil’s vocabulary is expanding every day and there is considerable potential for this to develop further. He can be impulsive and would benefit from gentle encouragement and support in areas he does not understand, such as taking turns or sharing. Kamil likes a variety of foods and sleeps well at night.

Given their bond as brothers we really want to keep Alyan and Kamil together. Ideally they will have separate bedrooms as their needs are quite different, but sharing a bedroom can be explored. It is also preferable that any birth children at home are over the age of 11.

Alyan and Kamil would be best suited to a two adult household and where they are the youngest or only children in the family. There is an expectation that one foster carer would be at home. As their foster carers you will receive a fee of £40,500 per annum in recognition of your work and commitment, as well as monthly fostering allowances; access to a comprehensive range of training to equip you for your role (both pre and post-approval); and 24-hour social work support.

If you are interested in hearing more, please call us on 0800 0720 137 or email your details to

*Names changed and stock image used to protect children’s identities.