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Could you provide a loving home for Sarah (14)?

23rd September 2020

Outdoor portrait of a pretty young girl 16 years old

Please note: Sarah’s name has been changed to protect her identity and a stock image has been used.

Please get in touch with us today to find out more about becoming Sarah’s foster carer.

Sarah is 14 years old. She is around 5ft tall and she has brown eyes and straight black hair. She is quite petite and a slim build.

Sarah is a confident teenager with a great sense of humour. She enjoys girly activities, such as getting her hair and nails done. She likes to wear the latest fashion and she takes time with her appearance.

Sarah enjoys going to the cinema and socialising with her friends. Sarah and her friends love making TikTok dances! She also loves the zoo and enjoys days out. Like any teenager, Sarah does use social media and requires some support in managing this and keeping herself safe while online.

Sarah is a sociable young person and she has started to go out more but needs some help in being more independent. Sarah will generally follow house rules and will always return to her foster home at the time set by her foster carer. She is doing some educative work around keeping herself safe while out.

Sarah attends a school in Belfast and her attendance is good. She has a good support network and good relationship with her teachers in school.  It is important that she remains in this school. Sarah can travel independently to and from school using public transport. During Covid-19 lockdown Sarah missed school and is looking forward to getting back to seeing her friends.

Family time is important to Sarah and she loves seeing her siblings. Sarah has been through a lot of difficult experiences in her young life and is trying to make sense of all of these as well as going through adolescence. Sarah responds very well to one to one attention.

Sarah would love the chance to live in a longer term foster family until she is able to live independently. Ideally, the foster carer(s) should have no birth children living at home. Sarah needs foster carer(s) who will be very nurturing and patient with her.


Could you change Sarah’s future?


You will not be on your own, we will support you by:

· Providing a named social worker who will be available to you

· Out of hours social work services

· Short breaks for Sarah with another foster carer

· Training to enable you to understand Sarah’s particular needs

· Additional monies of £14,600 per annum as well as fostering allowances.


If you feel you could be Sarah’s* foster carer or want more information to help you decide, please get in touch by calling us on 0800 0720 137 or fill in our online form. We would love to hear from you.


If you would like to find out more about fostering in general please visit our Foster Care section to find out more about types of foster care, support you will receive, the process and much more.


Image: [ Valerii Honcharuk] ©