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Jacob (14) and Henry (9) really need you…

5th October 2020

Outdoor portrait photograph of young happy boy children brothers smiling together

Please note: Jacob & Henry’s name has been changed to protect their identity and a stock image has been used.

Please get in touch with us today to find out more about becoming Jacob & Henry’s foster carer.

Imagine being a teenager and facing losing out on living with your sibling. This is the reality for two boys needing foster care in Northern Ireland right now… But YOU could change this.

Jacob is 14 years old. He has dark hair, brown eyes and wears glasses. Jacob had an operation on his skull when he was two years old, so he now has a shunt in his head, but this does not affect him in any way. He has a moderate learning disability, so he can sometime come across as younger than his age.

Jacob is bubbly, chatty and very well-mannered. He  enjoys playing outside with friends, going to the park and going swimming. Like any boy his age, Jacob is also happy to spend time in the house playing on his phone or games on his PlayStation.

Jacob has a 9 year old brother, Henry. Henry also has dark hair, brown eyes and glasses. He is well-mannered and loves telling jokes. Henry is very chatty and is a level 8 swimmer! He was born with a heart condition, but this does not affect him day to day. Henry just has to go for regular check-ups.

Henry has worked hard on his speech as it was delayed and unclear in the past. He also has underdeveloped muscles and goes to physiotherapy, but this doesn’t stop him from running or riding his bike.

The boys missed a lot of school when they were younger but are working hard to catch up. They both enjoy going to school and their teachers have glowing reports about them.

The boys have regular family time with their mum and sister and they really enjoy this time.

Henry & Jacob need to live together in a home that can provide security, good routines and boundaries so that they can develop into the responsible adults they deserve to be. To read more about the important of keeping siblings together in foster care, click here to read our blog.

Could you be the difference in Jacob & Henry’s future?

You will not be on your own, we will support you by:

  • Providing a named social worker who will be available to you
  • Out of hours social work services
  • Training to enable you to understand Henry & Jacob’s particular needs
  • Additional financial as well as fostering allowances to help with the day-to-day costs of caring for the boys


If you feel you could be Jacob & Henry’s* foster carer or want more information to help you decide, please get in touch by calling us on 0800 0720 137 or fill in our online form. We would love to hear from you.


If you would like to find out more about fostering in general please visit our Foster Care section to find out more about types of foster care, support you will receive, the process and much more.