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Poem – A child’s first Christmas (a staff perspective)

7th December 2022

Our dedicated staff play a crucial role in the fostering process, working hard to ensure each and every child or young person is matched to the best possible environment for them.

One of our social workers, Lisa McKenzie, shares her experience of supporting a child in moving to a new home and family at Christmas.




We shared his life story – his hopes and his dreams.

But would they get on? We’d just wait and see.

Moving a child is never easy.

It can be hard watching a new family start.

But it was clear from that very first visit,

That they were connected by heart.

We walked through the door and we’re greeted with smiles.

Their connection of football had the boys side-by-side.

Decorations were up and presents under the tree;

But I could see him wondering, “What about me?”

I had no need to worry, because it was clear, 

They had considered including him this year.

Out of the cupboard came a personalised stocking;

Printed with his name and his favourite club − he was buzzing!

They handed him pyjamas and shared Christmas Eve traditions;

“You are safe” and “You are loved” were their best affirmations.

It was good to see him settle into their home,

And to know he wouldn’t have to worry alone.

As I walked out the door and he scanned his new setting,

His cheesy grin reassured me – he’s happy, stop fretting.

It wasn’t the promise of presents to come;

But his chance to be a child, make new memories and have fun.