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New Fostering Animation Launched

26th April 2024

animated woman and child

HSC NI Foster Care is proud to launch our new fostering animation, designed to guide you through the application process, answer the most frequently asked questions, and dispel common myths about who can foster.

Taken from an enquirer’s perspective, we follow Lisa’s journey towards her #FosteringGoal – from her initial call to HSC NI Foster Care, through key stages of the process, and final assessment at foster care panel.

Supporting her every step of the way is social worker, Paul. You can watch our animation here.

Across Northern Ireland, there are children and young people in need of a safe and loving foster home. Chat to us and discover how you could make a difference, just like Lisa did.

Call 0800 0720 137, explore our website for more information, or click here to make an enquiry.