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Could you provide a long term home for Lara*?

8th April 2022

Lara* is 8 years old. She is tall for her age and finely made. She has long brown hair with a lovely fringe, has blue eyes and wears purple sparkly glasses that she picked herself.

Lara has a lovely wee personality and is talkative and kind. She likes to make people laugh, loves one to one time and lots of TLC. She is a social butterfly, full of energy and is always on the go.

Lara has lived in foster care for two years, she understands that her current carers provide short term care and we are hoping to find her a home with longer term foster carers who will look after her until she reaches adulthood and can live independently.

Lara has an idea of the type of foster home she would like to live in. Lara sees herself living with a two carer household in the future. Ideally she would like to live in a foster family with at least one teenage girl and would like to be the youngest in the family. Lara wishes to live with Christian church attending carers if at all possible. Another thing on Lara’s wish list is living with a family who own a dog as she loves dogs.

Lara attends dance class once a week and loves this. At the minute she is doing lyrical dance and would like to still do this. Lara would also like to join a ballet club too. She likes to keep busy and enjoys going out on her bike and loves things like going for walks, the beach, swimming and hurling. She loves colouring in and football and enjoys singing karaoke. Lara loves the Disney Channel and watching Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice.

Lara enjoys food and would like carers who make good food. She eats well and likes Spaghetti Bolognese and chicken nuggets and chips. She loves apples, oranges and pears as well as broccoli, carrots and onions. She loves most foods apart from beans or sprouts.

Lara goes to bed without any issues at all and sleeps from 8.30pm to 7.45am the next morning. At the weekends she will sleep until after 9.00am and will sit and play in her room until her carer comes in for her.

Although Lara cannot live with her parents she has family time with them monthly, and her social worker is with her during this time. She also has family time with her granny and siblings during the year, which is important to her. Lara’s foster carers will be asked to transport her if possible to and from her family time.

Lara needs long term carers who are loving, warm and nurturing and who can understand the difficult things she has experienced and help her make sense of these as she grows up. Foster carers who are experienced and who have a strong support system is important.

Lara responds well to set boundaries and rules as this provides her with a sense of security. A recent psychology assessment identified that she is a well behaved child in environments where the rules are clear to her.

If possible, we would like to find a foster home for Lara within a 30 minute drive of the Causeway area to facilitate Lara to stay within her school.

Get in touch

If you think you could offer Lara a loving long term foster home or would like to hear more about her, please call 0800 0720 137 or fill out our online enquiry form.

(*Name changed & stock image used to protect her identity)