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Could you foster Noah, 15?

16th June 2021

We are looking for a foster carer/s who can provide a loving home for Noah*, 15, and who lives within the Carrickfergus, Newtownabbey, Antrim, Ballymena, Larne, Moyle, Coleraine, Magherafelt or Cookstown area.

My name is Noah and I am 15 years old. I am a very sociable boy who loves to chat and ask questions; sometimes I forget to take a breath from all the talking! I seem to be able to make people laugh and the adults around me tell me that I’m funny.

Like any teenager, I like to spend time on my mobile phone and my tablet, pretending to send texts and emails. I enjoy watching YouTube videos and I like to put my headphones on and listen to music – my favourites are Marty Mone and Elvis. I really like going for long walks, playing on my scooter and love a trip out to the pound shop! I am happy to go anywhere and I am easily kept amused. I love doing wee jobs with my carers, even if that means going for the groceries.

I have a diagnosis of Severe Learning Disability. I need some extra help sometimes, lots of encouragement and patience. I can be quite anxious, especially if I don’t know what is happening, so I need reassurance from those who are caring for me. I don’t like to be told what not to do, or to be told off but this is something I am working hard on. I thrive on praise and attention. I work well with visual schedules and reward charts; this helps me to understand what is happening.

I go to a school for children with Special Educational Needs. I love going to school and have lots of friends in school. I really like my teacher and classroom assistants and they give me my own time in the morning when I come into school to talk about the night before. This makes sure I don’t chat the whole way through class! School has been a safe space for me throughout my life and my teachers know me really well.

Sometimes I will use negative language and swear words. I will usually apologise for doing this. The adults around me encourage me to take some time out when I am using this language. The adults around me think that this negative language is how I express my anxiety. I sometimes stand my ground at bedtime but with the right strategies I will go to bed and sleep all night. Sometimes I need wakened for school and enjoy a lie in at the weekends!

I have a great appetite and like to try new foods! I even eat all my vegetables but I enjoy a takeaway treat every now and again.

I keep asking my social worker to find me a new “home place” because I want to live somewhere where I can be loved and feel safe. I need good, firm boundaries in place so that I know what is expected of me.

If you think you could give Noah a loving home, please get in touch with us today.

Call 0800 0720 137

or fill out our short online enquiry form

(*please note Noah’s name has been changed to protect his identity)