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Could you foster Natalie*, 13?

13th July 2023

We are seeking long term foster carer(s) for Natalie*, age 13. Natalie is quite petite with curly, red hair. She has lots of tiny freckles on her face and she has a beautiful big smile which would light up a room! She’s very chatty and funny and likes to try to please others.

Natalie tries her best to do well in school although struggles with friendships. Natalie wants to have lots of friends but sometimes can be a little shy until she gets to know someone better, then she is extremely loving and affectionate. Natalie gets extra help with Maths and English which helps improve her confidence in these subjects. She enjoys Art and is very good at it. If possible, Natalie would like to remain in her current school in Ballymena so would need to live within a reasonable travel distance of this area.

Natalie currently lives with a short term foster carer, who makes her feel safe and happy. She enjoys playing with her foster carer’s puppy but she understands she can’t stay there forever. Natalie hopes to settle down in a long term home where she can grow and learn with the love from a supportive family. Unfortunately, Natalie has moved around a lot recently which isn’t good for her self-esteem or helping her feel safe.

Natalie’s favourite food is cheese, and she also likes baby carrots and cut up apples. She enjoys eating Haribo sweets, Smarties and Doritos crisps as treats.

Natalie loves swimming and going to the skate park on her scooter, which keeps her busy and active. She also enjoys watching YouTube videos that make her laugh as she has a great sense of humour and is always smiling or joking around. Natalie also loves board games, but can be pretty competitive sometimes and wants to do well in them!

Natalie has contact with her mum once a month and this includes spending time with her older brother too. She also sees her half-sister a few times a year.

Natalie can live in a one or two adult household and doesn’t need to be an only child or the youngest in the family. It would be really useful if Natalie’s new foster carer(s) knew about how it affects a child growing up when they have been hurt or don’t feel safe. Natalie requires a high level of supervision and needs someone who is patient and kind and can see when she needs extra hugs and time to understand and accept change. Natalie loves getting cuddles and is really good at giving hugs.

As Natalie’s foster carer(s) you will receive an £18k fee per annum as well as fostering allowances, training and ongoing social work support.

Virtual Information Session

If you are interested in finding out more about Natalie, you’re very welcome to come along to our virtual information session, where her social worker will be available to tell you more.

Date: Wednesday 19 July 2023
Time: 7.00pm-8.00pm

To register for this information session, please call 0800 0720 137 or email:

You can also enquire about caring for Natalie by filling out our online enquiry form

*name changed & stock image used to protect child’s identity