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Could you Foster Erin, aged 6?

24th April 2020

Erin* is a 6 year old, girly girl. She loves playing with her family of dolls and horses. Erin is full of imagination and enjoys role-play. She loves putting on performances for her Foster Carers.

Erin is very independent. She likes to get dressed herself, and brush and tie up her hair. Erin loves her food; her favourite thing to eat is pizza. Erin’s Foster Carers say that she is well-mannered and good at helping around the house.

Erin loves to play with the family’s pets. She loves animals, especially horses. Erin’s favourite film is “Spirit the Stallion of Cimarron”. Erin says that one day she would love to have a horse of her own, just like Spirit.

Erin is in P2 in school. She can find it difficult to concentrate in class sometimes but always tries her best. Erin has lots of friends in school and loves break time when she can get outside to play.

Despite her young age Erin has unfortunately had a difficult start to life. She has had a lot to deal with. Erin is currently very frightened about the world and worried that she will not find someone to love her, take care of her and to keep her safe.

This means that Erin can be quite shy and reserved when she meets someone new. She can have big feelings of nervousness and worry at first but after a while she will laugh and play.

Erin is a remarkable young girl. She just needs someone to give her a chance and to help her learn that the world is not a scary place, that she is deserving of love and that her future can be different from her past.

Erin requires fulltime care. Her Foster carer(s) will receive a personalised support package with access to therapeutic services and a generous financial package to include a financial fee^ and foster carer allowances.

^The agreed fee will be specific to Erin’s needs.

Could you give a child a brighter future?

*Erin’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

Get in touch now. Call the Southern Trust Family Placement Service on:

028 37 560 750 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)
07799710192 (Evenings and weekends)

or email  fostering&

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