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Could you give Carter (14) a long term home?

6th October 2021

Teenager playing at computer game. Boy at home

We are looking for foster carers who could provide Carter with a safe and nurturing long term home.

Carter is a tall, handsome 14 year old boy with a shy smile. He enjoys wearing the latest styles especially in shoes. Carter is very well mannered, and can appear quiet although engages well on a one-to-one basis. He enjoys talking about topics that he is interested in such as gaming, art and music.

Carter has started a new school and is struggling to adapt to the new environment due to his Autism. Attempts continue to be made to support him through this transition. Carter settled in well to his previous school and had made good relationships with teachers, however this ended when he moved to a higher key stage in his education. Carter manages well with introductions and plenty of time and preparation.

Like many other young men Carter enjoys gaming and spending time on his mobile phone. He also enjoys listening to music and animals. Carter is a talented artist and is keen to spend his time drawing and colouring, which promotes mindfulness for him. While Carter enjoys taking part in activities inside he also takes pleasure from being outside, going for walks exploring nature and working on projects such as fixing things. He is great at DIY jobs.

Carter is aware that his mum is unable to look after him at present and while it is his wish to return home in the future he will require a long term foster home to provide stability and predictability to his routine. He has regular contact with his mum and benefits from this relationship.

Carter would be best living with foster carers who are understanding of his needs and where he is either an only child or in a home where the foster carers’ own children are grown up. Carter would need to live in a home where he can have routine and structure to his week.

Family is important to Carter and he loves seeing his mum. He looks forward to a day that he can return home. Sometimes Carter feels sad if contact with his mum doesn’t end well. It would be important for his foster carers to understand this and to support him should this occur, while also allowing him to have the opportunity to have time to gather his thoughts. Other times, there are no issues.

While Carter can occupy himself he would also require attention and understanding that it can take him a while to build trust in new relationships. With time and patience, foster carers can help Carter to feel cared for and be encouraged to make positive choices in his life.

Carter is looking for a trusting home environment where he is provided with consistency of care, understanding of why he sometimes behaves the way he does and most of all acceptance. Foster care has worked really well for him in the past and he settled very well.

If you feel you could give Carter a loving home, please get in touch with us today.

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